Bizview - An Intelligence and Process Automation solution

Bizview- An Intelligence and Process Automation solution

What it does !!!

  • Upload or Pull Data.
  • Create your Dashboard.
  • Go live within minutes
  • Reporting Automation ( Automated Excel or PPT report Generation)
  • Process Automation - Move towards Standardized process from manual processing
  • Reduce Manual Errors
  • Save Time, Money and Effort
  • AI Modelling and Integration

Data in any organization is scattered and in multiple formats - Excel, Database, etc. The Tool helps centralize everything in a safe and secure Cloud Environment which can then be used for creating Dashboards on the fly !!!

     This happens in 3 Steps

 * Upload, Refresh or Pull Data using our standard Data connectors
 * Create the dashboards on the fly and automate your processes
  * A few of the clients who have used our dashboards include Fortune 500 MNCs in the Media & Advertising, Retail, Finance and Aerospace domains.